Thursday, March 22, 2007

String Alongs Monthly Meeting

Had our monthly String Alongs gathering at Mary M.'s house and a good time was had by all.

Even though we are a little past St. Patrick's day, this was an Irish themed meeting. Mary served a wonderful vegetable soup and Irish Creme and snacks and a chocolate bar dessert. And we sat around and shot the breeze and showed what we have been working on for the past month. Oh Mary, I had such a good time!

Here is Abel with full sweater and scarf ready to party:

This is the next project I think:

Oh and I still have to make a shirt for Abel. I cut up an old shirt of Joe's with a nice stripe to make into a sort of pullover shirt with a collar. I also have material for another pair of pants-grey flannel. And the fabric for his dressing gown to work up, too.

Terri and I went over to the Waupun Hospital and donated about 20 "Blankets for Kids" that members of our local crafting group has made this year to put in the emergency room and children's ward for kids that are in stressful situations and need a security blanket to hold on to to get them through. The idea is based on the Linus Project but is Waupun Craft Center's take on the program. We are also giving them to the Fire Department and Police cars to have for the same uses in times of need. Craft Center has made over 30 blankets, quilts and afghans so far!
It is really heartwarming to contribute to such a neat program. Makes me proud of us crafters!

The kids are off school this week for "Spring Break" so I am going out to lunch with Brian and his friend Nate. Think we will go to Benvenuto's for Italian! Talk to you later,

This week's theme: Hair today, gone tomorrow.
pilgarlic (pil-GAHR-lik) noun
A bald-headed person.

[Literally peeled garlic, from pill (to peel) + garlic.]


B said...

I've been finding all kinds of WI knitbloggers this week! My mom and sister both live in Waupun.

B said...

Oh and I get a lot of my knitting needles in Waupun from that craft store across the street from Rivet!

Lacelibrarian said...

Hi B,
Nice to hear from you!
That store is Deb's Crafts. She comes to the String Along meetings sometimes.
Well, keep on reading and commenting!