Sunday, March 04, 2007

What a Great Weekend!

I had just a wonderful weekend in Mayville at the Weekend Retreat from Loose Ends Yarn Shop. There were some wonderful learning sessions, some of which I had the pleasure to lead. And the companionship of wonderful people. Oh the conversation and laughing and even some very deep discussions about why we are all here. I rate this a 4 STAR Weekend! **** Thanks Michele for all your hard work and creativity!

Some of the best conversation was about books and what we are reading and there were 3 librarians present for the retreat! It seems to me that knitters and creative people in general are great readers. We may all read for different reasons-some for sheer entertainment, others to continue our educations but, we seemed in general to be great readers!

I am casting off my Shapely Shawlette and thanks to Shannon B. I decided to do a picot cast off to make it as flexible as possible. Really great idea Shannon!

I will post a picture as soon as I get it blocked and get someone to model it! It is really turning out great! Michele knit on the boring part of my Pieces of Eight sock and now I have to finish the toe in the pale yellow and I will have the finished too! I taught a needlefelting session this weekend and I finished a really cute little white duck for that class. I will get a picture of that as soon as I dig him out of my stuff from this weekend!

Here is a picture of my cat Frederick. He is a pleasant fellow and enjoys the good life pretty well. He was born here and we have his sister Sally and his mother Daisy as well. He is a talkative and sensible cat.

Aren't these picture frames neat?
Well, I have to go unload the suitcase and get some laundry done. I am really ticked off that public television is begging money again so I don't get to see Last of the Summer Wine or Jeeves and Wooster tonight! Dang I wish they could find some more sure source of funding that this constant begging!

Talk to you later,
There is nothing more dreadful than imagination without taste.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


TM said...

Since Frederick is sensible AND talkative,,, Do you think he could speak to Nick on my behalf? Nick is not sensible. He needs a good influence.

I had a good time over the weekend, too. I am so grateful to have a support team like you and Terri. You are the reason we all had a good time. we just have to remember not to leave our cakes out in the rain. Love, Michele

Lacelibrarian said...

It took Fred a long time to grow up, too. Now the naughtiest thing he does is chew cords, which can really piss one off as well.
About MacArthur Park:
It's quite simple really, there was a picnic in the park and it started raining. Some silly sod let the cake get wet. The cake was really big ("it took so long to bake it") so they had to clean up the mess. They used a napkin but the recipe was written on the napkin, so the recipe was lost and they can't make the cake again.
My biggest question is why would they use "sweet green icing"?