Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Koolaide Pickles?

Click on the title of this post to go to the New York Times article about Koolaide Pickles.
I do like a sweet and sour pickle but this sound really odd. Sweet and sour pickles are a big thing here in my town. They are served with "dark bread"-
what I always knew as quick breads-banana bread or poppy seed bread spread with a little butter and a slice of cheese and pickles on the side. Something regularly served at Ladies Brunches or Evening Get Togethers after supper has been served. Just a little something to keep your strength up to play Sheepshead!

This red pickle think seems to be southern-nothing like that has EVER been seen up here!

Got this from Joan Schrouder, a wonderful teacher who appears across the country teaching lots of various things. Learn traditional and contemporary knitting techniques from Nordic experts such as Vivian Høxbro, Denmark, Annemor Sundbø, Norway, Elsebeth Lavold, Sweden as well as local knitters representing Nordic knitting specialties, Marilyn Van Keppel—Iceland and Denmark, Carol Rhoades—Finland and Sweden, Susanna Hansson—Sweden and Finland, and Terri Shea—Norway.

I have had a class with Susanna Hansson on Bohus knitting last year at Stitches Midwest. Have heard Vivian Høxbro speak at the Madison Knitters Guild. Just bought Terri Shea's excellent knitting book on the Norweigan knitting from Selbu, called Sebuvotter. Carol Rhoades is moving to Madison and has just joined the Madison Knitters Guild and I hear she is a great teacher.

This is an amazing lineup of teachers for a three day conference! It is being held in Seattle at this Nordic Heritage Museum. I just wish I could attend something like this-it sound like a thrilling weekend!

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TM said...

Is the dark bread and pickles a waupun thing, or a Lowell thing? I have not heard of it before. Although, Dave tells me that pickles, cheese and cold meat were things they always had on hand in case unexpected company droppred in. Cold Meat...(cold cuts).......And Hilda made sweet pickles that were BRIGHT green from food coloring.....TM

cherry menlove said...

A koolaid pickle?, we don't have those over here!


Cherry Menlove xx