Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day?

I am not all that big on manufactured holidays and I feel that you should take care of your MoM and her needs everyday, not just on a holiday. That said, I did have a very nice Mother's Day. I went to brunch with my husband and children. I had a really nice salad and some fruit and a REALLY strong Cosmopolitan. (I only needed one!) Brian gave me chocolate and Patrick gave me a lovely silver bracelet. My husband Joe gave me a couple of hanging baskets of plants and some caladium bulbs that I need to plant. I also got a cedar chest from Joe to put woolens in but I need to put it together. I am having a lot of trouble with arthritis in my knee so I haven't put it together yet. Normally I would have open the box immediately and put it together but I am just not up to it right now. Hopefully later this week!

I need to schedule therapy on the knee this week and I hope to get some pain control that way. It has been hell for the past couple of weeks and I am really having a hard time walking. I got a shot of cortisone in it last week and it helped but I need more work on it to be able to get around!

Tomorrow night is the Madison Knitters Guild end of the season meeting and Brown Bag Exchange. I am so excited about my shawl and really hoping it will be well accepted! I am packaging it in a fabric bag I made. I still have to make a drawstring for it tomorrow. I sure hope whoever gave the yarn will like it...

Hope your Mother's Day was a pleasant one! Did you get a chance for tea and cakes?

Talk to you later,


JANYCE said...

I think the gal that gets that shawl is one lucky lady. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wish I was a Madison knitter. Our brown bag exhange in Milwaukee had nothing that came close to that.

Lynda said...

Oh you are TOO kind~ I just hope they think so too. The most amazing thing was that I had it done TWO WEEKS ahead of schedule-not blocking it the night before it was due!

B said...

Those tea cakes look good. If you don't mind, I'm tagging you for 8 random things--see my blog. Have fun at knitter's guild. I want a knitters guild! *stomps feet*

b said...

Oops, no link, my blog is

Lynda said...

Well, that is interesting I guess. Haven't ever been "tagged"o I'm not real sure what is involved!