Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I was Tagged by the Caffeinated Knitter. This means that you should list 8 random things about yourself. OK lets try this:

  1. I just got my ears pierced last summer! (I am, what you might call, mature.)

  2. I read War And Peace in a weekend when I was in high school. I laughed, I cried, I floated in a rowboat and read!

  3. I knew my husband for nearly ten years before we got together.

  4. I have probably 15 UFOs going at a time, and I WILL finish all of them in time, or rip them out and use the yarn for something else.

  5. I have seen The Grateful Dead 10 times.

  6. My favorite movie right now is The Big Lebowski-I also really LOVE Jeff Bridges.

  7. I really like a tidy, well maintained house but don't feel that my home is tidy.

  8. I usually read two or three books at the same time. One fiction and one or two non-fiction.

There! That wasn't soo hard! But I think I have to tag others now??? I am not sure if any other blogger will do this. I read so many blogs but don't know how to ask people to do stuff like this. I guess I will have to try and I will let you know.

Talk to you later,

How could not love this


TM said...

Whose face is that?????? Is is the fugitive guy? you know,,,,men in black, what's his name? I forgot about your ear piercing .......I paln to watch the uncut version of THE BIG L this weekend,,can you be on standby in case I need explanations? TM

b said...

Wow War and Peace in one weekend? I kind of miss high school for all the free reading time!

Lynda said...

That is Jeff Bridges!
Isn't he cute!