Thursday, May 03, 2007

The New MagKnits

The new Magknits for May just was posted yesterday and there are some neat new items. I am especially taken with a hat called Rivendell. Looks like it would make a nice chemo hat.
And here is amazing news! My sister had her first chemo treatment yesterday! I am shocked as she isn't even two weeks after surgery and they have started pumping chemicals into her already! I suppose this really means she will have to stay away from germs for a while. She will get a treatment every two weeks for twelve weeks and then evaluate and start another sequence of treatments after that. I haven't been able to ask about hair loss yet and Ann has an allergy to wool so I will have to look for other soft fibers to make a hat or two for her, IF she will wear a hat that is. I am not sure if she will or not but I hope to find out about these sorts of things when I can talk with her more.

Went to our friend Kyle's father's funeral was so sad. Kyle is 17 and apparently kind of an after thought kid. His father was way too young though, mid 50's and left his family in a bad way financially so my heart just bleeds for Kyle. It is so hard to grow up anyway and to have adulthood thrust on you suddenly is even worse.
I lost a sister about ten years ago to a dreadful cancer and she left four children-two of them under three and one in middle school and the oldest a freshman in high school. Her oldest daughter just graduated from college in December and has done very well. But It has been a long road for Jackie-she never got any help from her father or step father so she has made her life alone and I think of how coddled my own children are and how much less able they are. I suppose the hardships Jackie has gone through have been the making of her. I can only hope my own children will be as successful!
Oh and Susan of Susan's Fiber Shop called me last night on her way to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and promised to keep us up to date on how the trip is going and how the show is as well. She has Eugenie M. And Holly along and will be meeting up with a couple other women and traveling on to Maryland with the group of FIVE women! Should be very exciting as I have traveled with Susan and lets just say, "Stuff Happens!" I will keep you up on what I hear from Susan-she sounded VERY excited about the trip last night so I will be interested to see how her energy level is tonight!
There are a lot of big names at MSWF including Judith MacKenzie McCuin, Janet Szabo, Sheila Beardslee Bosworthand Jonathan Bosworth of Journey Wheels fame, and over 100 Vendors including Susan's Fiber Shop. Wish I could go!
Well, talk to you later,
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TM said...

It's been a long week for me,,,,,,your presence at the funeral was a comfort to me and Dave.....thanks.

I love reading your blog, Thanks for writing it. It feels like a mini-visit with you. tm