Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Need a Kitten

I have a bad case of baby fever and I want a kitten!
Yes I know we live with four cats! Yes I know the
hair level is very high at my house. I especially
hear this from boys who wear black tee shirts.
But of the four cats that live in my house, only one ever sits
on my lap and that is usually only at bed time.
I want to hold a kitten and play with abit of yarn and
some paper.
Ok the reason that this has come up is Dolores at the Loose Ends Yarn Shop! I totally blame Dolores! She had taken her 7 or 8 week old kitten to the vet for shots and a check up and stuff. After the shot, the vet recommended that she keep an eye on the baby, who's name is Baby, by the way. So she had brought this baby to shop so she could consult with Betty about a sweater she is knitting. Well, I just tried to help Dolores out and I was holding this darling baby.
I think you know what happened then-
I would like another siamese to keep Iris company and to play with her. Boy I am so good at justifying, am I not?? Do you know of a siamese kitten that could use a very good home? I could help. Just get ahold of me at
The prime purpose of eloquence is to keep other people from talking. - Louis Vermeil

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TM said...

I will pass the message of guilt along to Dolores.:) Maybe you do need you head examined, but I will put the word out. I should clarify.. ...not the idea that you are crazy.... but that you are looking for a kitten.... tm