Monday, August 27, 2007

Last Guild Meeting

Here are the supplies and Bee knitting, Terri walking by.
Some of the food and Mary M., Donna's back, Eugenie barefoot and Max the dog.
That's me in orange, Janet R. to the back and Maryanne.

I am finally putting the pictures up of the last guild meeting at Michelle Z.'s house. We went early and stayed late and a bunch of the ladies did dyeing.
Here is Michelle's snail of dyed roving. Bee snacking.

A group of lookers-on: Mary, Donna & Eugenie; Janet at the table.

Bee and Mary winding Mary's overdyed green wool.

Cathy K. helping Bee continue to wind-there was a lot of green!

Donna takes a turn with Bee on the niddy noddy.

Mary packing up to go!

Michelle's rinsed roving.

The colors really work well with the antique truck!

That's a lot of roving!

Well, needless to say, we had a great day. It is always wonderful to get together with this group of friends. I feel so lucky to hang out with such talented and entertaining ladies!

Talk to you later,


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