Monday, August 27, 2007

Susan's Fiber Shop Sunday Sit & Knit

Terri N., Donna T. and I went out to Susan's Fiber Shop for her Sunday Sit and Knit get together yesterday. I picked Terri up and we went to lunch and then picked Donna up at the Home Depot parking lot. Then we drove out to Susan's. My son Patrick was watching the shop while Susan visited with her son and grandson's in Kentucky. Here is Patrick hard at work:

I think he is cute, but I may be prejudiced...
It was a busy day at the shop. Another group of knitters from Sun Prairie came and joined us.
And a number of people stopped out from Madison. A fun and relaxed afternoon was had by all.

Also finished knitting the Orange Slice Tea Cosy from Dawn Brocco's pattern.

Take a look unfelted:

Here I am duplicate stitching the section lines

Here all stitching is finished.

This is the finished tea cosy. The natural colored Lamb's Pride didn't
felt as well as that Oasis Aussie Wool but I think it gives it texture. What do
you think?
I'd like your comments-do you like the looks of this?
Should I try to felt it more?
Talk to me folks!


Anonymous said...

Make me thirsty, but I don't know if I want tea or juice!

Annalee Blysse said...

People can be so creative. Great design for a cozy.

TM said...

It looks beeuuuuutiiiiiful just the way it is! tm