Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I started knitting some mittens from that book by Terri Shea, Selbuvotter. I am making my mittens with a combination of the cuff from one and the mitten part of another pattern in the book. I liked this cuff a lot more than the one on the mitten NHM #4 (Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle). I haven't finished the thumb as I think I will do them both after the mittens are finished. I cast on the second mitten on Sunday and I am enjoying knitting this pattern VERY much.

I also found a neat afghan pattern for free by Wannietta Prescod called

Noro Squared. I don't have a lot of Noro but this pattern would be good for left over balls that aren't enough yardage for anything else!

Kind of neat, isn't it? I have a hard time knitting big things like afghans as I get bored too easily but maybe with just knitting mitred squares I could actually knit this in a couple of years!

And on another note, What are you reading now? I am in a new study group to learn about the Tudors and I have been reading a lot of English history. I read a book about Henry VII-very interesting and now we are reading about Richard III. He was portrayed as a monster by Shakespeare but the consensus seems to be that Shakespeare was writing for his Tudor audience and just repeating the bad things that Sir Thomas More had written about Richard. I am having a little problem figuring out who the author is talking about as they use both his title and his name interchangeably and it is sometimes hard to remember Richard's titles too! I am reading Richard III, England's black legend by Desmond Seward and it is very readable so far.

I am also reading or really I should say, re-reading a young adult book by Susan Cooper called Over Sea, Under Stone part of a series called the Dark Is Rising. Very Good books with lots of mythology and connections to King Arthur and Merlin. The next book, The Dark Is Rising is being made into a movie so I thought I'd re-read the whole series again.

Well, enough for now, I'll talk to you later.


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Angie said...

The mitten is absolutely gorgeous! I really like the pattern you've put together.

TM said...

Now THAT is real knitting!!! Beautiful....
I miss you, too. hope to see you soon,,, maybe Friday?

Helen said...

*swoon* Those mittens! That afghan! Love them both.