Sunday, September 02, 2007

Toe Up Socks

First a sort of disclaimer, I like to knit socks from the cuff to the toe on double point needles. I have been doing this for nearly twenty years and it works. I don't get ladders when I change from needle to needle and I don't even need a pattern, unless I want something pretty unusual in the leg pattern. OK, enough said, right?

I am knitting a pair of knee length socks for a woman who has some severe circulation issues, as well as skin lesions. In order to do the shaping in the calf and have enough yarn for a whole sock, I decided to knit these socks from the toe to the cuff. I happened to be at Loose Ends Yarn Shop
on Thursday knit night a couple of weeks ago and was looking at this book:

I thought I'd try one of the toe up cast ons that she talks about.
It worked really slick! You can't tell where the stitches begin. It looks like one continuous line of knitting. Well, the more I heard about this book the more I figured this would be a valuable book to own.

It is kinda funny that at Stitches, Susan of Susan's Fiber Shop
tried to talk me into buying this book and I said, "No, not right now." Well needless to say I changed my mind and bought it from Susan last Sunday. For that cast on if nothing else!

NEW PATHWAYS For SOCK KNITTERS ignites a bright new era for sock knitters everywhere! - knit the 2 little learning socks, and you re ready for 8 new styles of sock architecture -- over 400 colorful illustrations and photos -- your choice of dpn s, 2 circs, or 1 long circ -- 28 unique patterns, with 8 for babies -- 8 Master Patterns - 1 for each architectural style -- Master Pattern sizing for infants to large men, in 11 gauges -- custom-fit feet of all shapes and sizes Worked in pure stockinette, each style is so elegant you may never wish for more. But if you want to play, the possibilities are infinite: -- let hand-painted yarns spill their colors along new and artful pathways -- harmonize the rhythms of familiar stitch patterns with the book s universal formula, and see the familiar reborn with a new and beautiful look -- combine architectures for infinite hybrid forms, or be the first to try something brand new!!

Yesterday Joe and I went to Madison to do a little shopping and then had lunch at the Indian buffet and stuffed ourselves. When we got home Joe had to have a nap and I was knitting a stuffed kitty that I am making up to look like my Siamese cat Iris. While knitting away a friend of ours stopped by and invited us to have an al fresco dinner with his wife and him. So we went over and drank wine and had barbecue ribs and corn on the cob (last of Kok's corn for the summer) and Joe made a nice baked potato dish. I had bought some decadent chocolate cookies as Whole Foods and took them along. We had the nicest evening, well really whole day, just hanging out. Perfect weather too. Not too hot and slowly moving to fall weather.

Here are some pictures of the sock, one of Iris in progress and one of a cashmere ruffle scarf I knit for my sister Jeanne for her birthday:

This scarf pattern is from Handknit Holidays: Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice by Melanie Falick. Really pretty book:

Lots of pictures in this post! Hope you don't mind...
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