Monday, September 17, 2007


Heard about this knitting magazine from The Twisted Spinster on Sheep Thrills. It is sort of like a northern European Knitty! Click on Ohjeet and Arkisto and look at some neat things. I suppose one could sort of translate as one goes along? I think this might be Finnish or Estonian.



Luo-cast on

Ohjeet-the current issue's patterns


Well anyway there are a some interesting patterns and you can almost figure them out!
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b said...

I think the Kruunupipo is adorable! I wish I knew more languages. I'm going to try to figure it out.

b said...

It's Finnish. I'm going to figure this out. I love a language challenge.

Lynda said...

Yup I think it is Finnish and I think you could figure it out. The patterns appear to be written on the "normal" english way!