Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, they tell me my hair will fall out in a couple of weeks so I got my hair cut short so that I could enjoy the change for a little while before I looked too goofy! My haircut just happened to coincide with my Westie Ed's haircut too. so I am posting before and after pictures for both Ed and me!

Here is Eddie before:

And Ed after his nice grooming:

Such a nice looking fellow!

Oh and by the way, Congrats to our friend Maryanne with her new addition of Jack the Border collie! It is good to live with a dog, isn't it?

Here is how my hair has been for the last, oh I don't know, 20 YEARS! It is messy as I had just given Ed a bath, but you get the idea:

And here is my haircut as of Friday last week:

What a change and so much fun. It is really effortless and has enough natural wave that I am really doing nothing with it and enjoying the look a lot!

Just started reading a Dortmunder novel by Donald Westlake. Now I can't recommend all of Westlake's writing as some of his stand alone novels are just too hardboiled for me. But, Dortmunder, well that is another story all together. If you haven't ever read any of these, I whole heartily recommend them. They are hilarious! I am reading "What's So Funny" and I haven't found out yet what is so funny but I have laughed out loud already and I have only read two chapters. If you are looking for a giggle start at the beginning with "The Hot Rock" which was made into a movie I never saw with Robert Redford no less!

Don't much more so I'll talk to you later,
The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.
Willem de Kooning (1904 - )


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nurhanne said...

Me 2 on loving the hair - looks great! :-)

TM said...

The haircut makes Ed look like just a pup, too!

Anonymous said...

Haircut is tres chic, Lynda! Hugs.