Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Fuzzy Lamb

I finished knitting my version of the fuzzy lamb by Barbara Prime of Fuzzy Mitten. She has lots more toy patterns but this one is a free-bee. Take a look!

I knit him from some of my handspun Icelandic yarn. Very easy, very fast. I knit it up today as everyone else was gone doing things today and I had the house to myself. I always stuff my knit toys with wool as I have plenty of fiber around that I would not like to spin (too much vegetable matter). I think it makes a nice soft toy and very cuddly.

My husband and younger son, Brian went to Madison today to take a walk in the Arboretum. There was a football game on in town but they went early and had lunch while the game was on so they stayed away from the huge crowds. Sounds like it was a lovely day for a walk.

Well, I don't know too much more so-talk to you later,
Person to person, moment to moment, as we love, we change the world.
Samahria Lyte Kaufman


TM said...

Yor fuzzy lamb is soooo adorable! I just want to hug it! You should post the new haircut photo, I looks so nice! Michele

Lauren said...

Glad to see that you got my letter! Hope you are feeling better. I like the lamb.

Love, Emili j Cruz