Saturday, December 15, 2007

So Sorry for Being Out of Commision So Long!

I am so sorry not to have written sooner but the last treatment was a tough one and I just couldn't sit at the computer for any amount of time-surely not long enough to write something coherent!

Life goes on pretty much the same in spite of not being able to help around the house or take care of basically anything. I feel like one of those slugs from Futurama:

But seriously folks, life goes on and somehow things get done and we all survive.

I have been doing very basic knitting, a pair of fingerless mitts for Patrick for Christmas, another pair of mittens for my sister Ann's grade school as all those goofy kids loose their stuff all the time. In my kid's case it was usually only one of any hand knit mittens so you'd have the other one staring you in the face for a couple of months!

I am also knitting a sort of diamond shaped scarf based on a discontinued Two Old Bags pattern, that I am hoping to use as a turban-that is if I can figure out how to tie it!

I use Vonage for my telephone service and didn't notice that on Friday the modem stopped working. Well they (Patrick & Joe) went out to get a new modem and I know the first duty call is to my mother so she can yell at me for fifteen minutes about how she was sure I was dead and why didn't I let her know! I emailed her but she refuses to open up her email account, so what can you do??? I know this will be another reason she says I should go live with her during my treatments...doesn't that sound restful?

We have never had a problem with Vonage before and have been using them for a couple years.

I love they're prices and the phone line sounds good so why change? I will have to defend this stand of course-why am I not using a t & t????

Here is a picture of comfort at home and I will write much sooner, I promise!



TM said...

Good to see you back... Love the "winterizing" of your page,. very festive

nurhanne said...

Glad you're back :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynda,
Welcome back. Happy knitting! Tidings of comfort & joy!