Monday, June 09, 2008

High Water!

Well the people around us are having a terrible time with too much water. I on the other hand have not even had any water in my basement but may have a problem with a leaky roof. Have to get someone to look at it.

I am up to row 110 on the Queen Ann Lace shawl. Really chugging along and it is a lot of fun to knit. It goes to 150 rows though so I have got a way to go.

Other than the bad weather things have been quiet around here for me. I had my three month check up after chemo and I am progressing well. Still have much numbness in my feet and the Dr. said that could take up to six months to go away. But I am not complaining in any way! I am Alive and getting stronger every day. My brain works well again except for minor chemo brain forgetfulness and I am alive! Thank the Lord.
Well, Bee Good and we will talk again later,


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