Thursday, June 12, 2008


We are having another rainy day. Not so bad as some have been, so far.... And even though we have no water in the basement, it has been really damp down there so I am emptying the dehumidifier every couple of hours to help the basement dry out.

So I thought I would go do a load of laundry and empty the dehumidifier at the same time. When I get down there, what do I find? My cat Fred in the basement-not outside. Now that is weird enough as he spends most of his days sleeping on lawn furniture. Then I find why he is indoors-he had a baby robin that he was "playing" with! The poor thing was terrified! Well I saved his life and Fred is staying in the rest of the day! The baby looked just fine, just scared and a little wet around the edges. As soon as I took him outside, he flew a little way off from me so I think all is well. Here is a picture of Fred looking pensive:
On the knitting front, I am on row 118 of Queen Anne's Lace and I am looking for a nice baby/toddler sweater. I need to knit two sweaters-one for my niece's baby Isobel and one for a friend at church who had her second son while I was sick and not up to much knitting. I could do the baby surprise for the boy but would like something a little more sophisticated for Isobel. I have searched Ravelry and really didn't find anything that stood out so I will search some more.
Got any ideas? Let me know,
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Henry David Thoreau
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Vicki said...

Hope you escaped any damage from the rain/flood yesterday. Who woulda thunk we could have two such rain events in less than a week!

Lynda said...

Well we do have a sort of rivulet of water in the basement but no standing water so I feel lucky-people on our block were pumping their basements out this morning.