Friday, September 26, 2008

Strange Days

Well, I had my first inflating session today...inflating my breast stretchers. Sounds very strange and believe me IT WAS. There is a metal end to the tube that goes into the stretcher and Doctor Shehadi used a magnetic stud finder thing to locate the tube under my skin and inject 50 cc.s of saline in each stretcher. We will be doing this once a week for a while. Then once they inject a certain amount of fluid, I wait 6 months and then another operation to insert the plastic boobs.

All extremely weird, isn't it?

A small aside-as I sit here typing my dog Ed is sitting on my lap-well half of him is on my lap. The back half. As I sit here I noticed that my leg felt warmer. I checked under Eddie to make sure we didn't have an accident. Then all of a sudden I noticed an unpleasant odor. Makes me want to kick him off but he is asleep-who knew dogs could pass gas in their sleep??

I got a couple of new chickens about a month ago and they aren't bantams. We have been used to bantams as I don't have a large coop or yard. They seem to be doing really well anyhow. They have learned the good scratching spots for bugs and they LOVE the compost. But what chicken wouldn't? I have been making soups and casseroles with vegetables from the local farmer's market and the scraps have been well scratched over! So nice to use everything from the vegetables.

I have been knitting a bunch of scarves.

I am knitting this scarf out some purple wool that I bought from Dawn Brocco and was from China. The ball band was all in Chinese so I really don't know anything about the yarn. This is my second project with this yarn as I made a sweater out of it too. The picture isn't my stole-mine's purple!

This is My So Called Scarf and is knit from Manos de Uruguay. Takes two skeins and is mighty pretty stuff!

I am knitting a scarf with the woven stitch. I am using a very pretty sock yarn and a size three needle-not a big needle like this picture. It is a really cool pattern though, and looks nice on both sides.

And I am knitting a Hamsa out of some gorgeous cashmere Patrick gave me. That one is not going to be a gift!

Also knitting an Elizabeth Zimmereman pattern called a Ribwarmer. It is EZ modular knitting and the pattern is somewhat sparely written. I am making my first with my own handspun. Really just trying the pattern out so I understand it before I spend any money on yarn!
I have been very busy and feeling really good. I took a little break while writing this as Cookie the new kitten just found me and came and slept on my chest for about 10 minutes and she reminded me to appreciate the small wonders of life. One of those is a busy kitten stopping by to rest with me for a few minutes. GOD, life is good!
Talk to you later,
Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else.
Ogden Nash

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