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The answer to your question, "what about today" is:
January 14,
16. Yu - Enthusiasm -- -- -- --
above Chên
The Arousing, Thunder
----- -- -- -- --
below K'un The Receptive, Earth
-- --
The Judgement
It furthers one to install helpers

And to set armies marching.

The Image
Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:
The image of Enthusiasm.

Thus the ancient kings made music
In order to honor merit,
And offered it with splendor
To the Supreme Deity,
Inviting their ancestors to be present.
Changing Lines

Changing yin at the bottom means:

Enthusiasm that expresses itself
Brings misfortune.
Changing yin in the second place means:

Firm as a rock.
Not a whole day.

Perseverance brings good fortune.

Changing yin in the third place means:

Enthusiasm that looks upward creates remorse.

Hesitation brings remorse.

Changing yang in the fourth place means: The source of enthusiasm.
He achieves great things. Doubt not. You gather friends around you As a hair clasp gathers the hair. Changing yin in the fifth place means: Persistently ill, and still does not die.
Changing yin at the top means:
Deluded enthusiasm.
But if after completion one changes,
There is no blame.

Now Don't get me wrong! I am a Christian and I don't worship other gods... that being said, I have always found Eastern religions interesting.

The I Ching (Wade-Giles), or “Yì Jīng” (Pinyin); also called “Classic of Changes” or “Book of Changes” is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book is a symbol system used to identify order in random events.

The cosmology centers on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change. The future results of our actions are a function of our personal virtues. That is karma and it makes very good sense to me. It also seems to me to be what Jesus was talking about when he suggested that we need to treat people the way we want to be treated.
I have had a very hard time in the past trying to understand I Ching but now they have automatic hexagram generators that make it really easy to get a reading.
I am not in any way suggesting that you should live your life by this. (Big Disclaimer!!)
BUT, it is interesting and helps one be a little
introspective to start your day with a reading.
What do you think of my reading for today?

It makes me feel like I should get at the work I have planned and really enjoy it today!
I am working on a
Tomten Sweater for Michele's grandson Gael.

Do you know anything about the Tomte?
The tomtes (in Germany, kobolds) are a pre-Christian race of spirit beings well-known to the north Europeans. Generally, they are considered to be spirits of place who become familiars of a household. The tomte is a short (three feet or so) elderly man of unpredictable disposition, attired in grey woolen clothes and wearing a red cap.

Unlike their English cousins, the gnomes, who most frequently dwell in the countryside, tomtes reside in towns, houses, barns or cellars. They live only where there is cleanliness, order and discipline.
The church never succeeded in eliminating these familiars in the popular mind. Busying themselves with work, it is the tomtes who, at harvest time, awaken the sleeping farmer early in the morning with the sound of their threshing. If there is building going on in town, the tomtes can be heard chopping and pounding while the workmen break for lunch and rest.

The Tomten

Hard is the cold of Midwinter's night,
stars sparkle and gleam.

In the lonely town at this midnight hour,
all are sleeping.

Moon wanders its silent way,
snow lights white on fir and spruce,

snow lights white on roofs.
Only tomten is awake.

Viktor Rydberg

I am also making a toy tiger for a friend who hasn't had her baby yet. I made a knit monkey named Stewie for her first baby and I thought a nice tiger would be enjoyed by the new baby. I am making a boy tiger and will put little coveralls on him.

Boy I had better get to work!
Talk to you later,

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance. - Buddha

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