Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Have I been Knitting Lately?

Thought I'd put some pictures up of the projects I've been working on lately!
This tiger is for a friend's soon to be baby, if son Patrick doesn't steal him first...

Patrick says the tiger reminds him of Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes fame.

Here is the Ariosa Cowl. I FINALLY figured out two color Brioche in the round. It only took me a month of trying and going to Loose Ends and trying to get Michele to teach me, and looking at videos on-line to finally get it! It's very easy once you get it...(big grin). I used the yarn the pattern called for-Ariosa by Classic Elite. 90 % merino, 10 % cashmere, bulky yarn.

Just finished the first Green Gauntlet. I needed something to wear when I'm on the computer.
The yarn is Auracania Nature Wool Solids.

This is next in line-The Carmen Miranda Teapot Cosy.
Hilarious, isn't it?

Oh and did you notice the magazine in the picture of the tiger? KnitCircus is published quarterly in Madison, Wisconsin by a group of dedicated fiber-craft junkies. Knitcircus features knitting and sewing patterns, interviews, articles, and reviews, with an eco- and socially-responsible bent. I just got a subscription to it and it looks good!

Back to knitting-Talk to you later, Lynda

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