Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Awful Library Books?

Libraries regularly should weed out old books and pull them off the shelves. Many things become outdated or our sensibilities about the subjects change and it also helps make room for the new books. The guy who was boss at my old library used the criteria of how recently a book had been checked out to decide if it should be weeded. If it hadn't been checked out in 5 years it should go!
If there are classics you wanted kept on the
shelves, you were wise to check them out so that it looked as if they were used regularly. Generally this is a pretty lame judgment, at least if it is the ONLY measure.
Anyway I just found this funny website of truly awful books that have not been weeded: Awful Library Books. Just for fun I looked some of these books up on Alibris to see if they were for sale and sure enough, Creative Recreation for the Mentally Retarded from 1975 is for sale for $18.95! WOW!
Those Amazing Leeches from 1988 is for sale NEW for $52.99! How could it be new??

ose leeches have eaten! And check out that toenail...I don't even know what to say!

Hope you are embracing the Spring-I sure have been trying to in spite of my bad knees. I am working on planting and getting hanging pots and stuff up. I am also getting Synvisc shots in my knee to help me be able to put off knee replacement for a couple of years, I hope. Not interested in another surgery after the second stage of the breast reconstruction which I get in two weeks. Not a big surgery but after that I want to be done for a LONG TIME!

Just finished this Debbi Bliss baby sweater and I am working on another baby sweater as we speak~

I'm also interested in making this: Kaia Babydoll top. Isn't it cute?

Talk to you soon,

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

Douglas Adams

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Penelope said...

Nice post.!! Alibris connects us to thousands of independent book, music
and movie sellers around the world.