Friday, May 01, 2009

Gardening Starts

I am going to garden in raised beds this year. I hope to save my knees by having 8 inch high cedar boards with lovely fixed corners from Gardeners Supply. Just got them in the mail yesterday. AND I got two nice bags of Horse Shit from my friend Dolores. She dropped them off at Knit Night at Loose Ends Yarn Shop so that I could pick them up even though Delores couldn't stay for Knit Night. Thanks Dolores for being so kind!
I am so excited to get my new bed going. I think that I will be amble to manage this gardening much better and just mow around the edges to keep it nice and tidy.

While I was at Loose Ends yesterday I got the yarn to knit a bunny for a baby that was born about two weeks ago. It is the same baby that I am knitting the February Baby sweater for.
I bought some DK weight mohair in brown and cream to knit this bunny:

This is designed by Debi Birkin and for sale as a pdf on Etsy.
I also got the pattern for the Guinea Pig:

I just could not resist these patterns. I will let you know how they are to actually knit them up!
You need to go to her website to see some of her patterns knit up-they are adorable! I have found a new hero!

Talk to you later,

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TM said...

Thar guinea pig is just wonderful! What yarn does the pattern recomend?
I am pleased that you are happy with your horse shit. TM

Lynda said...

It calls for 2 balls of Patons “spirit” mohair
in cream & toffee mix. I suppose any hairy mohair or even novelty yarn would work if the colors were right. Guinea pigs come in a lot of colors, don't they?