Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I'm starting to get sort of nervy about the Winter Escape this weekend in Mayville. It's sponsored by Loose Ends Yarn Shop and Michele P. I am doing a demo/class on Twined Knitting and while I feel well prepared, I've started to worry. Well, maybe worry is too strong a word for what I am feeling. I am feeling more like a general cloud of concern.
Will I remember everything? Will I have enough time to get a sample started for everyone? Will I come off as an idiot or will it seem as if i have ANY understanding of the subject?
Honestly I don't know why I do this second guessing...I am prepared and it's only an hour demo!
I have started making a list so that I feel as if I have everything covered. I always do this when I teach. I have a sort of vague fear that something will go wrong. Yes I know, something always does go wrong. I just go with it and usually people come away with some new knowledge, so it is OK!
I am not as insecure as I sound, I hope. It is just in the preparation that I am so worried.

It is going to be nice to have a weekend getaway. I didn't get to Sheep in the City, and I didn't get to stay over for Susan's Fiber Shop Knitting Retreat, though I did go for the day.
It will be nice to relax for the weekend with friends and just knit and laugh and shoot the breeze! Oh and we will be having a lovely soup luncheon on Friday with 4 different kinds of soup! One of the soups will be provided by my husband Joe! Yay...

Here is a picture of the Twined Cuff I designed for the class:

Well, talk to you soon,
None are so busy as the fool and knave.
- John Dryden


TM said...

I have the utmost confidence in you. Now, if only I felt the same about myself! :)

Janyce said...

I know you will do GREAT!!!! Have fun. Sorry I won't be there.