Monday, April 19, 2010

How was your Weekend?

What did you do this weekend? Hope you had a relaxing, fun time. I really didn't do much myself. I did a little knitting but I'm having some problems still with my wrist so I don't knit for long.
I did make a little top from some very glitzy yarn. It is the Loo Loo top for infants:

Mine is done in metallic pinks and mauves.

I knit some on a shawl I have been working on for months. It is handspun by our friend Bee and I am having a great time knitting it but it does go slowly. You always get more bang for the buck when you knit finer yarns!

I also did a little embroidery. Made a couple of pin cushions and worked on a Hardanger bookmark.

Sat with our friend Terri's dad, Don on Saturday as they went to a wedding and I did a little more stitching there.

I also read a book every day this past weekend! I have been reading like crazy and giving my wrist more of a break!
All in all a VERY nice weekend!

Oh and we have the monthly String Alongs meeting tonight at Terri's house too! Can't wait to get together with the ladies and catch up. Some of these girls I only see the one time a month so it is such fun!
See you there,
Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
- Andre Gide

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