Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A New Post Wherein I Speak Mostly of Knitting

This is a cute baby sweater:

Free pattern available at this
Chesapeake Ballroom

Also available on the Classic Elite Yarn website was this article on slip stitch knitting. Very interesting as this technique is used in Bohus knitting and Twined knitting.

What do you think of this for me?

I love the shape and it would not be too boring with LARGE amounts of stockinette!
Also from Classic Elite by Pam Allen.

I am just about finished with a couple of baby sweaters for our friend Janet and stumped about a shawl I had been knitting that I WAS going to add a beaded lace edge to that isn't working. So I am somewhat stumped about what to work on next. Maybe just finish some old boring but it should be done anyway!

Oh and I just finished reading the weirdest book: Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter by Seth Graham-Smith.
I thought this would be a mindless & fun read, but it's a lot more than that. I was seriously surprised by how much better this book is than the title might lead you to think. The author clearly put a lot of energy into figuring out how best to meld history with horror/fantasy, and really did a terrific job. He effortlessly captured the deep melancholy of Lincoln's life. And the vampires are awesome...they are not the vampires of other current trends. His vampires are brutal and violent. The backstories he creates (the colonies, Lincoln's grandfather, etc) are terrific.

I very highly recommend it. It was shockingly good, actually--well written, engaging, tight, no filler. A great read.

Well, I guess that's it for now,

The Dude: Just take it easy man.
Walter Sobchak: I'm perfectly calm Dude.
The Dude: [shouting] Yeah, waving the f****** gun around?
Walter Sobchak: Calmer than you are.
The Dude: Will you just take it easy?
Walter Sobchak: Calmer than you are.

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