Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Chicken Whisperer

You can tell it is Spring! My backyard friends Steve, Bob, Taft, Bill and One Eye are happy to be out on fresh grass again. They hunt bugs and worms and eat all kinds of new greens!

I heard about this fellow,
Andy Schneider, better known as the Chicken Whisperer has become the go-to guy across the country for anything chickens. Over the years he has helped a countless number of people start their very own backyard flocks. He is not only a national radio personality, but also a contributor for Mother Earth News Magazine, Grit Magazine, and Farmers Almanac. He is the owner of Atlanta Pet Chickens, Classroom Chickens, and is the Founder/Organizer of the Atlanta Pet Chicken Meetup Group that has quickly grown to over 850 local members!

Visit the Chicken Whisperer's website here:

Also I want to knit this:

It is a funky bolero for a baby. A zany and impractical cropped pullover for a baby! But let’s face it… it’s awesome!
And I got this yarn in the mauve to make it!
Picked it up at
Loose Ends Yarn Shop

Bet you thought I's NEVER use yarn like this but it is so funny, I just had too!

Talk to you later,

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.
- Gilda Radner


Janyce said...

Oh, I love your chickens!!!! BUT, one eye???? Do I want to know?????

Lynda said...

She came to us that way so whatever happened was before we knew her!
She functions very well though...