Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goings On In My Back Garden

I sat out in the back garden this morning with my first cup of coffee and marveled at the business of the yard. There were birds everywhere and they were busy!
Both dogs came out and sat with me and a little later both of my sons came out and
sat for a while until mosquitoes started biting.
The hummingbirds are visiting the Cambridge Scarlet Monarda. Most of the other birds are eating on the bird feeder. I feed black sunflowers, safflower seeds and nyjer seed. I saw a pair of cedar waxwings and I know they were on the way to my osier red dogwood to eat the berries as the robins have been stuffing themselves on
the berries for a couple of days. The chickadees, song sparrows, and house sparrows empty the feeder every day.
We have been seeing this butterfly around in the catnip and the ornamental thistles. It's called
Milbert's Tortoiseshell. Don't know who Milbert is.
The robins come and bathe very splashy in a big saucer on the ground by the pond.
I don't let the chickens out until after 11 so that they lay their eggs IN the coop, not out somewhere on the ground-then the dogs steal them and eat them.
The mourning doves eat on the bird feeder outside the living room windows or on the ground. It is safer on the ground as the cats don't lunge at them from the back of the couch!
I had made an appointment to take out dog Bibi to the vet to have a growth
removed from her elbow this morning, but I forgot that I had scheduled it and they called me at 9:30 and very graciously rescheduled it! I just hate it when I forget things like that. It makes me feel unorganized-like a scatterbrain, and I really am not. I just hadn't put the note where I would see it and remember...

I read a fine book today. It was called Eva Moves the Furniture by Margot Livesey.
Livesey draw readers into her world so gently that the barriers between reality and the fantastic quickly fall. The first time the narrator Eva McEwen sees her "companions" she is six, and living near the Scottish town of Troon with her middle-aged father and her aunt, who came to raise Eva after her mother died in childbed. Though much loved, Eva is lonely, and when a woman who "shone as if she had been dipped in silver" and a young girl with long braids and freckles appear one afternoon in the garden, she is at first unaware that they are not corporeal. Although it is clear that the companions are there more for her protection than to cause harm, they seem capable of manipulating events in her life. From Eva's bucolic childhood through young adulthood, working first as an
office girl and later as a wartime nurse, from a failed romance to a happy marriage and motherhood, her angel/ghosts are never far away, helping to steer her. But, in the end, as they repeatedly warn her, they are unable to change the course of her history.
I am going to read more by this author.
All in all, it has been a busy day so far. Now while I sit at the computer, I have been listening to Jeff Beck, guitarist known for playing with Cream among other things. This is much later Beck-2007 Beck and REALLY good. He had this young woman playing bass with him called Tal Wilkenfeld. She is about 20 and plays with such skill I am blown away! It seems to be a day of Guitar! Also have Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughn on this playlist!

White throated sparrow

Mourning Dove


Gold Finch

Chipping Sparrow

Cedar waxwing



Ruby-throated hummingbird

I will sign off now as I can't seem to stop this stupid thing from underlining


People ask for criticism, but they only want praise.
- W. Somerset Maugham

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Reading this, I felt I was there with you, Thnks.