Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finishing a Project (or Two)

In keeping with my resolve to lighten the load, I have finished a couple of things.

This is Sea Lace by Sarah Punderson Published in Sarah Montie Handknits. I bought the kit last year and it was, for me, a chance to use that Lion Brand Wool Stainless Steel without buying a whole cone of it. I love this necklace! It looks so ephemeral but it is really strong because of the Stainless Steel.

I just have to seam the shoulders, weave in ends and sew buttons on a Baby Surprise Sweater for my nephew Chris' son Cameron. Oh and I think I will put a collar on it too. That square neckline is quite open I think and could benefit from a collar.

This isn't my sweater but you see what I mean about the collar here.

The next thing is a toddler sweater for a one year old that goes to my church. Then Joe's Red Vest!

Then I think I will dig in the attic for "Mom's Sweater"- Wow, I just hope I can find enough yarn to finish it!

Talk to you later,
Lynda, getting things done in wintry contentment

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

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Jen said...

Oh wow, that necklace is fantastic!