Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Knitting

Yes I knit in the summer and yes I am using different fibers in some cases, but I knit with wool even on dreadfully hot days like these. I am coming along really well on Adeline , back finished and nearly at the armhole on the first front piece. Still have a sleeve to finish on Cerisara but it is a knit on type sleeve so I have to keep turning the WHOLE sweater to knit. I do like that type of sleeve as you are finished when you are finished and no setting in the sleeve but it makes for a bulky knit at the end!

I am still working on my Mohair Bias Loop not knit with mohair. This will take as long as a large scarf and I just keep plugging away.
Knitting a baby sweater as usual. One never knows when you could use a baby sweater! Working on an old pair of socks for a friend but I bet it is hot where she is too. She will get them soon...
Just finished the latest mystery by Jacqueline Winspear in the Maisie Dobbs series. Really good mysteries that I highly recommend. She is a wonderful character and her calmness and sensitive handling of investigation really appeals to me. I also just finished a really good book called Under the Harrow by Mark Dunn. Booklist gave it a starred review but I just picked it up off the new book shelf without knowing anything about it and I was stunned! Here is what they said:
Dickens lovers, rejoice! Dunn folds a nineteenth-century writing style into a delightfully original story spiced with wonderfully evocative names and personalities from the Dickens oeuvre. Every word in this leisurely paced treasure is meant to be savored. Every scene is a theatrical masterpiece, providing plentiful opportunity to bark with laughter, raise eyebrows in amazement, and sigh in despair. Dingley Dell, hidden in back country Pennsylvania, proceeds in its anachronistic Victorian style as an experiment begun decades ago, when Darwinian scientists wanted to know how a small society would evolve, given no new input from the outside world. Unaware of their true role in a larger scheme, people in the Dell are informed that a horrible plague has occurred, and they are to be quarantined for safety. Government corruption, greed, classism, and distrust are at the center of this story, told by Dell resident Frederick Trimmers, Esq., for the edification of Outlanders. Dingley Dell is truly “under the harrow”—that is, under fire—its residents the victims of a most dastardly deception. Similar to Orwell’s Animal Farm, with a hint of Jasper Fforde, this story will make you think and laugh at the same time. I loved it!

I have been trying to meditate. I look for my calm center and focus on trying to handle stress that way. My husband Joe and I were talking today about taking a yoga or Tai Chi class. I am looking to improve my flexibility after the knee surgery and have heard that Tai Chi is good for that. I am also trying to walk on the treadmill 20 min. every day!

Here is our silly Smokie! This kitten is a very entertain girl but has yet to learn to leave my knitting alone. I have to hide it from her or she chews the yarn! Bad kittie!

Talk to you later,

By means of meditation we can teach our minds to be calm and balanced; within this calmness is a richness and a potential, an inner knowledge which can render our lives boundlessly satisfying and meaningful. While the mind may be what traps us in unhealthy patterns of stress and imbalance, it is also the mind which can free us. Through meditation, we can tap the healing qualities of mind. - Tarthang Tulku...

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