Friday, July 08, 2011

Fish Heads

So I went to my LYS Loose Ends yesterday and our friend Michele was knitting a fish hat among other things! This is the Fish Hat:

I made me think of the song Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes.
"Fish Heads" is a novelty song by comedy rock duo Barnes and Barnes, featured on their 1980 album Voobaha. It has often been played on the Dr. Demento show, and is the second most honored song in Demento show history.

The song is about fish heads and all the things they can (or, more often, cannot) do, such as playing baseball, wearing sweaters, dancing, playing drums, or being seen drinking cappuccino in Italian restaurants with Oriental women. It is accompanied by a high-pitched chorus, achieved by speeding up the tape, which repeats the original's chorus.

Actor Bill Paxton directed and appeared in the music video for the song, which aired on NBC television on Saturday Night Live, on December 6, 1980.

Imagine my surprise that Michele had never heard the song! Well I include it here for her benefit! Hope it doesn't get stuck in your head!

On the knitting front, I am still working on my Bias Loop but I am not making mine with mohair as I don't like mohair close to my face!


Also still working on my lace curtain.

I have started reading a really good mystery series based in northern Wisconsin by Victoria Houston. They take place in Loon Lake and feature a retired dentist and a woman police chief. They are really good and I am starting my third one today! I just love it when I fond a series and haven't read ANY of them yet! I have about 6 more books to go by this author!

Well talk to you later,


christine said...

My brother used to sing this song all the time. Drove us nuts!

Love the little lace curtain. Is it your own pattern?

Lynda said...

No the lace curtain is a freebie from KnitPicks!