Sunday, February 19, 2012

At Long Last!

 Let's see now...I haven't written in ages so I will begin with a possible class at Craft Center: 
The Honey Cowl. Very pretty, easy and a way to use  a small amount of luxury yarn, Let me know if you want to knit this with me-just five students makes a class.


I just bought this pattern on Etsy

Can't wait to knit her!

I have been reading some old cosy murder mysteries by Patricia Wentworth featuring Miss Silver. One of the nice things about Miss Silver is that she knits! I am in the middle of Miss Silver Deals with Death.

Miss Silver investigates a case of blackmail in an apartment house
Vandeleur House was great once. The home of a prominent court painter, its ballroom and parlors hosted the brightest of the Victorian era. Now divided into eight flats, it is an apartment building whose glorious façade conceals a nest of diabolical intrigue.
There is Maude, a young woman who was crossing the Atlantic when her steamer was struck by a Nazi torpedo. She survived; her husband did not. Then there’s Ivy, a sleepwalking maid with a curious past. And last there is Mrs. Underwood, a snobbish woman dreadfully embarrassed that she is being blackmailed by another resident. And all that drama in just one flat. There are many secrets in Vandeleur house, and it will take the full force of gentlewoman detective Maud Silver’s intuition to unravel them.

Oh and on another completely different subject: 
I want a baby! Westie that is! Don't you just love his little feet!

The string Alongs meet tomorrow night at Sandy's house and I thought I might make these:

Talk to you later,
Miss Silver lives by a simple code,"Love God, honour the Queen, keep the law, be kind, be good, think of others before you think of yourself, serve Justice, speak the truth."

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