Sunday, June 11, 2006

Getting some new pigeons

I'm getting some new oriental frills! Two new mated pairs! I can't wait! They are being sent from Missouri. I lost all my birds this winter to Cooper's hawks so I will be buiding a fly pen for them to keep them safe. Aren't they lovely?Really such sweet animals. Also, I am getting one from way up in Ashland Wisconsin.

I am on my way to visit Aunt Pauline at the nursing home. Talked to my cousin Patty Friday and she said Pauline will not eat. I can't force her but I wonder if she wants to die? It won't be long if she won't eat.God forbid!

I restarted my mitten as it was way too big! I am knitting Halland from Folk Mittens. It is really beautiful. Now the cuff seems quite tight but that is OK if the hand fits comfortably. It is a nice practice mitten anyway. I will post a picture of it later.

Off to visit Aunt Pauline,

All marriages are mixed marriages.
-- Chantal Saperstein

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