Monday, June 12, 2006

These are the Halland mittens that I started the other evening. The first picture is a little blurry but you can see the true colors better. This is a really fun pattern from that Folk mittens book.

Here you can see the orange yarn that is the waste yarn for the thumb.
Really coming along, isn't it?

Went out to Susan's Fiber Shop this morning and bought some fingering weight yarn for more mittens. Those will be knit on size 1's. Bought three colors-heathery green, pale purple and grey.
I am really enjoying these mittens. My friend Terri said it is a little strange to be knitting mittens in June but really they are very portable and not large to have in your lap when it is too hot. Quite the thing for a summer knitting project.

My mom went to see Aunt Pauline today and she seems to be doing quite well. She even told Mom that the food there was better than the hospital! Sounds good to me, if she will eat anything!

Just did a tiny amount of reading so far today-from that Buddha/Christ book about breath.
How you can be in the moment with your breathing and remind yourself to smile. Sounds really healthy to me (as I take a nice, deep breath.)

Talk to you later in a calm, smiling way,

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