Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Got These links and pictures from an embroiderer's guild discussion group. Some really spectacular work. They are ethnic costumes of the Miao people from Guizhou Province, South West China. Hard to imagine actually wearing stuff this beautiful.
I was looking this morning for a copy of the book "The Mitten Book" by Inger and Ingrid Gottfridsson. Found a copy of it on Abe Books for over $250! This is a 100 page tiny almost pamphlet like book published in the early 1980's. It really isn't mitten patterns but graphs of Swedish designs that you could apply to mittens or socks. They are just drawn on graph paper!
Don't think I can afford that sort of price but, I can't imagine that it will be republished either.
At least I can use the public library copy. I got it from the Watertown Library. Mayville has a lot of great knitting books too.
Found a murdered chipmunk on the driveway yesterday. How disgusting! I am sure the my calico, Daisy killed him! Didn't let her out last night and I am going to make her a collar with a bell. Just some elastic and I will sew on a couple of jingle bells. That ought to end the murder!
Joe just got back from golf. He took the day off today and we are going to Madison to shop and have lunch. I also have to pick up Patrick at Susan's Fiber Shop. He was working for her yesterday and today. Then she is off to Colorado for a show.
Talk to everyone later,
I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
-- Noel Coward

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Anonymous said...

I Love your Blog, Lynda! I am Back from TNNA, met a lot of famous knitters,but it is so nice to be home, then reading your blog is almost as nice as visiting with you. (one of my favorite knitters)
Love, Michele