Friday, June 09, 2006

Great News!

I can hardly believe it but, Susan McFarland called me yesterday and told me that one of my embroideries sold at the Siepel House Fiber Show!
It wasn't this embroidery but something similar. The one with all kinds of trees and some shrubs with fresh water pearls on them. I am so excited! I never expected something like that to sell! They are just too unusual. Really great fun to make but not everyone's cup of tea as it were.
Well, anyway, WOW!

I had to move my Aunt Pauline to a nursing home from the hospital yesterday. She is Down to 85 pounds! Really scary. I just hope they can encourage her to eat. She says nothing tastes good but she will never gain any strength unless she eats. I still have hope that she can get back home to her apartment. She is 89 years old and has been very independence up till now. She took the move reasonably well but it tired her out. I had to use the van and go on back roads as Hwy 73 is closed for construction. It was hard for her to get up into the van and the ride was bumpy. I am just praying for her to get back on her feet. Maybe into assisted living but with at least some degree of independence.

I got a huge stack of books from the library on Wednesday. One on knitting ethnic type mittens. I think I will try something Scandinavian!

Also got a bunch of funny fiction for son Brian-Terry Pratchett, Dave Barry, Christopher Moore, and more. Got this book on Delmonico's restaurant in New York for Joe, my husband. It is written by a chef in the late 1800's with original menus.

I got an interesting book about Buddhims and Christianity writtten by a monk from Vietnam. Living Buddha, Living Christ /by Hanh Nh ^at . Looks very interesting as he offers some parallels between Eastern and Western spiritual practice.

Also still reading that book about the midwife-
A Midwife's Tale by Laurel Ulrich,
Using passages from the diary as a starting point for each chapter division, Ulrich, demonstrates how the seemingly trivial details of Ballard's daily life reflect and relate to the history of the early republic:
the role of women in the economic life of the community,
the nature of marriage and sexual relations,
the scope of medical knowledge and practice.
Speculating on why Ballard kept the diary as well as why her family saved it, Ulrich highlights the document's usefulness for historians. Very good so far.
Well I am off to dress for lunch with Mom,
Talk to you later,

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