Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fair Knitting Part Deux

Well, let's see...I got a first on my Wallaby sweater, a second on the little cotton kid's sweater, a first on my Norwegian mittens, a second place on my cabled cotton infant set (hat, socks & sweater), a first on my cashmere shawl, a first on my monkey Stewie, and a second on Joe's vest.
I got two special merit awards on the mittens and shawl. My cottage embroidery got a second and my doll Anneka got a third. Some of the comments of the judge were that the monkey should have been knitted with acrylic because it is more washable for a kid's toy; she didn't like the stripe of different color in Joe's vest, she thought I should have blocked the cabled baby sweater harder, she would have preferred buttons to a tie in the kid's sweater...
Notice the only comments I can remember are the criticizing ones-not the positive remarks!
The best in show was again the lady who knits barbie doll clothes-last year she got best in show for a canopied bed for barbie. Oh well, it was fun and certainly a learning experience as always.

I read this book review from Powell Books and thought it sounded interesting:
Mouthfuls of Welsh
A review by Anna Godbersen

The title of Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh's The Bedroom Secrets
of the Master Chefs
is also the title of a book-within-a-book
by Alan De Fretais, celebrity chef, a sleazy food pornographer
given to grand pronouncements on his trade. ("If the Master Chef
is anything, then he is, and must always be, a complete and utter
sensualist.") Welsh's two protagonists here, both Edinburgh restaurant
inspectors, hardly share his philosophy: They are Danny Skinner,
whose "breakfasts seemed designed for hangovers rather than seduction,"
and Brian Kibby, a virgin. Besides their opinion of De Fretais'
kitchen (it's dirty), these two have almost nothing in common;
tough-drinking, authority-hating Danny takes an instant dislike
to his dopey co-worker. (Brian's passions include the "Hyp Hykers"
walking club, among other atrocities.) Danny is wrestling with
the drink and questing for the identity of a father he never knew
(he suspects De Fretais was on the scene), but it is his wild,
sadistic hatred of mild Brian Kibby that drives the plot. There
is some good foodie satire here, as well as many a vintage-Welsh
mouthful of Scottish dialect ("Doesnae matter whether it is or
it isnae, it's what ye dae, eh"), and plenty of virtuoso descriptions
of excessive alcohol consumption. But The Bedroom Secrets of the
Master Chefs transcends its components; it is an utterly weird,
exuberantly messy, and thoroughly entertaining book.

Read the review online at:
Sounds like my kind of book but if you want to read it you will have to buy it cuz the library system doesn't have it yet. If you do buy it, can I read it too?

There is a new Captain Underpants book out:
Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People
Don't know Captain Underpants? Don't know Dav Pilkey?
Check out
His website has this warning:
WARNING: This website contains scenes and material which may be considered too silly for grown-ups, small animals, and many varieties of houseplants. If you are a grown-up, a small animal, or a houseplant, we strongly urge you to seek the permission of a kid before browsing this site!
Really great reads and very funny. Pilkey is also the author of Dogzilla and Kat Kong which I highly recommend!

Weird and Wonderful Word of the Day:
the domain of the fishes, the fish-world. A nonce-word used in 1853,
but lovely in its ornate simplicity.

Oh and I did go ahead and order that Bohus mitten knitting kit from Sweden! I know $ 35 is a ton to pay for a mitten kit but that yarn is simply not available here in those colors so I just threw all caution to the wind and went ahead and did it!!

Tomorrow Brian and I are going to the eye doctor for a check up and new glasses. My prescription definitely needs work and Brian's glasses are in such bad shape that we both need to do this. So we will be all mod tomorrow! And with it. And Cool. Right?

This it it from here,

It is hard enough to remember my opinions,
without also remembering my reasons for them!
Friedrich Nietzsche

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