Friday, August 11, 2006

Off to Stitches!

I am taking an all day class called:
Bohus Stickning
with Teacher: Susanna Hansson
The story of Bohus is a story of couture knitting, sociology, womens history, and a cultural legacy all in one. Learn more about this intricate color technique with an informative slide presentation, then discuss differences between this and other multicolor techniques. With detailed handouts and hands-on practice, you'll fall in love with these traditional patterns.
It is so exciting and this is a teacher I am not familiar with so I don't know what to expect!
Doesn't this look nice??? I can even imagine knitting a whole sweater of this type of color work. It would take me two years but still...
I am hoping to meet up with people for lunch on Saturday. I am prying the cell phone out of Brian's hand and taking it with me so I can call people and meet!
I am also a little apprehensive about the drive as I talked to Susan McFarland on Wednesday and she was stuck in traffic about 5 miles from the convention center and was afraid she would be there for a couple of hours!! Lets just hope for the best!

Well, I will write again with news about how the whole experience was.

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