Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Tube OK Go

Ok today seems to be a computer day-I found this funny video (click on the heading and you can go there. And I just loved the song so I downloaded on iTunes for my Nano. I just love it!!

Also have been listening to books on my Nano-it is so cool. I just listened to this kid's book called Inkheart written by a German woman named Cornelia Funke. She is referred to in Europe as the German J.K.Rowling and the book was GREAT! I highly recommend it-it was about people who live for books and the main character's father who can read people "out" of books.

Also I am subscribed to

Erin's Weird and Wonderful Word of the Day. This is from the Oxford University Press. Today's word is:
a rare word meaning 'proceeding by inquiry or investigation.' It comes from a Greek verb meaning 'to seek.'

Form another website-the Maven's Word of the Day:
In recent readings, I have encountered the word "zetetic." My suspicions are that is another neologism concocted by the same culprits who bastardized "metaphysics" into meaning paranormal. Can you provide an etymology?
My god, man, what have you been reading?
Zetetic is a rather rare word. It is, however, no neologism.

The word zetetic means 'inquiring', as in "Zetetic minds want to know!" OK, I made that quote up, but that's really what the word means--'inquiring' or 'investigating'. It is also used as a noun meaning 'a member of the ancient Greek skeptics', the skeptics being a group of philosophers who maintained that real knowledge of things is impossible.

Zetetic is an adoption of Latin zÃtÃticus, from Greek zÃtÃticÃs, a derivative of zÃteÃn 'to seek; inquire'. The word is first found in English in the seventeenth century. (The sixteenth-century French mathematician Franciscus Vieta had used the word in the title of one of his works, and several of the English examples are reference to Vieta's use, meaning 'a mathematical investigation'.) In the late nineteenth century, there was founded a Zetetical Society, which had mystical beliefs; G.B. Shaw was a member.

Well, anyway I think this is a word I can use!

I have to pick up a friend's son at school today and then we are going to run errand and have lunch to I won't write much right now. We can talk more later...

His thoughts tumbled in his head,
making and breaking alliances
like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free.

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