Sunday, August 13, 2006

This sweater and hat pattern is called the Large Collar.

This is the Forest Darkness.

These photos do not do justice to these beautiful garments. The fine yarn and small needles result in a soft garment that wears well. The teacher, Susanna Hansson had some sweaters from the 1940's and except for the felting due to washing the sweaters looked wonderful. Some of the designs had 10 colors in them!

This sweater is called Blue Shimmer and is probably the most famous design here in America. It is the color on the cover of Wendy Keele's book Poems of Color. Very cool book too by the way!
I think I am going to order a mittens pattern from Sweden and knit that up. The woman who is dyeing the yarn for the kits works very painstakingly to reproduce the original colors in the approriate yarn so I think it is worth trying. The sweater kits cost $150 plus shipping so I think Mittens is the way to go at first. I think I could probably afford that and get the fun of knitting this color technique too...

I had a great time in my class at Stitches and did meet up with a few people that I know but missed Michele and decided not to stay to have dinner with Susan McFarland and Linda Diak as I was tired and still had the long drive home. I got lost a couple of times and finally got home about 8:30 and Brian and I went out to Culver's for dinner. Joe and Patrick had left Saturday morning for points west, including Utah and New Mexico and the Grand Canyon, also going to visit and old friend and his wife in Silver City New Mexico where Joe once cooked in camp for Fire Jumpers!
Anyhow it is just me and Brian for two weeks so I hope we don't starve, ha ha! So far it has been nice to hang out with just Brian. I think things are really off (at least for now) with his girlfriend so he will be available to hang out!

Well, I guess this enough for now. We'll talk again soon,

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