Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Holiday

Worked around the house Saturday and Sunday but Monday was tons of fun as I went with Friend Terri to Loose Ends Fiber Shop. Terri was helping Michele and Dave set up the new window display and I just sat and talked and knit! Lots of FUN!
We went to the local bar/eating establishment and had lunch then we went on to Susan's Fiber Shop for Susan's Labor Day Yarn Sale. She was offering 25% ALL YARN!! http://susansfibershop.com/
Our friend Michelle Zahn was there when we got there and we sat and talked and knit AND I bought some yarn...surprise, surprise! I bought some Manos De Uruguay that I have been eyeing for a long time. Don't know what I will make with it but it sure is pretty. I know some people have used it for felted projects but it seems way too expensive for that! So hopefully I can make some garment out of it!

I am working on a simple triangle shawl out of a fleece I bought from Susan. I sent it away to The Wooly Knob in Indiana and it came back just beautiful! An almost iridescence grey! Really lovely to knit with too! I also started a pair of mitts for Patrick. He asked for a green pair to go with his barn jacket. Just finished one-they are being knit on size 7's with a heavy worsted single ply yarn. I am just making the pattern up for the shawl and the mitts.

Today is the first day of school for Patrick-UW Fond du Lac and for Brian-Senior Year of HS. Pretty exciting for me! Real milestones in their lives. I just hope they make this year count. I think Patrick is a pretty safe bet but Brian is really going to make a real effort in order to even get into a school. I am just praying that he will have the wisdom to work hard and preset a good class effort. Brian has his outdoor session for his Senior class pictures this evening. Should be a lovely evening for it as the weather is lovely!

Well, it is a beautiful day so I am going to do some more laundry. Always a fun project...

Talk to everyone soon,


Word of the DAY:

(intransitive verb)[LANG-gwish]
1. to lose strength and become weak
2. to live in miserable or disheartening conditions: "He will languish alone without complaint with only the television to keep him company."
3. to be neglected: "The case languished for years before coming to trial."
4. to pine away in longing: "He languished without his girlfriend."
5. to affect a languid air in order to gain sympathy
noun forms: languisher, languishment adverb form: languishingly
Approximately 1300; from Old French, 'languir': to be listless; from Latin, 'languere': to be weak or faint.

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