Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Up Early!

Dear Brian forgot to turn off his alarm so I was awakened at 6:10 this morning by his alarm blaring! He was down in the shower and never heard it. I certainly did though and so I got up...of course I had to go to the bathroom and after that morning had begun!

Powell's Books in Portland Oregon has a wonderful newsletter and their store cat always has a column in the newsletter. This month's column was especially appropriate, I thought. I have copied it here for you to read:

FUP. STORE CAT.Another Labor Day, and one more summer gone by. Fup's feelings can be summed up in a single word: "Drats."
"Drats?" Bear asks.
So she said it out loud without realizing. Probably everyone does that more often as they age. Or maybe it's just that sitting with Bear is almost like sitting alone. She means that in the best possible way.
"Drats," Fup repeats, "as in, I'm not ready for summer to end."
Bear's eyes find a neutral space in the bookstore, neither here nor there. Fup can see his brain turning over rocks, finding nothing underneath. He says, "What are drats?"
She'd never thought about it. What are they? "I have no idea," she admits.
"Then why did you say it?"
"Because it means what I wanted to say."
"You know what drats means, but you don't know what drats are?"
Fup explains, "Summer's over, is all, and I've got a case of the drats."
"How many come in a case?"

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By the Way, Bear is another cat.

I finished those mitts for Patrick this morning. They turned out kinda funky. I think he will like them. He didn't get home from school until 9 p.m.! His last class on Tuesday is a four hour class that just meets once a week.

The September 20th meeting of the String Alongs will be held at Terri's house here in Waupun.
She has this nice porch out on her garage to sit and spin or whatever. I am looking forward to the get together. We always have such a nice time together! I hope to see some of you on Friday and Saturday at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival too. I am really getting excited about going! May be the day to buy a new spinning wheel, no? Not for me, just yet but maybe for you!!

Well, talk to you later,

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