Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Viking Hat Pattern

Isn't this a gas! I just love this pattern and it fits in with all things Nordic doesn't it? The website has a lot of Dale of Norway yarns so this hat would really be pretty authentic.
I borrowed the book Knitting Languages from Mary to try to translate the Norwegian in that Selbu knitting book. Shouldn't be too hard to manage.

Our monthly String Alongs meeting is tonight at Susan's Fiber Shop in East Bristol. I am looking forward to shopping along with getting to shoot the breeze with everyone. Mary, Donna, and I went to Madison Knitting Guild Monday night so we will have another chance to hang out tonight. Guild was really cool! There was a designer speaking about the process she goes through to design her very elaborate color-work sweaters. Her name is Lori Ihnen and she wrote the book, A Garden Stroll: Knits Inspired by Nature. She had some of her work there and these were stunning sweaters! Many of them were knit with very complex graphs and charts.

Donna sent a really interesting article about the Bayeaux Tapestry. It is on the String Along yahoo group website if you aren't already subscribed to String Alongs. I have always thought it was an amazing work. Go take a look! It is wonder!

See you soon,

Nothing is better than the wind to your back,
the sun in front of you,
and your friends beside you.
Aaron Douglas Trimble

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