Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cool Free Pattern

This woman has the neatest blog. She is really technique smart AND she takes great photos! This is what I wish my blog could be, I think...

Also check out these free charts for Latvian mittens:

These are really amazing!

And some photos of finshed mittens:


I really think I could knit mittens from these charts. It takes some counting but the graphs are good. There are about 150 of them and they are all so evocative. The green and black one above looks like pine trees, doesn't it? I haven't ever put fringe on a mitten but I like that too.

Oh and did I mention that I have a feeling that Koko the new adoptee at our house may be preggers? I think she has a suspicious bulge and it doesn't seem to go down even when her tummy isn't full. Every so often she makes weird siamese howls too but I don't really know what that is about. Whenever I say, "What was that for?", she acts kind of embarrassed! Just trying to figure her out yet. Well, anyway be thinking about getting a kitten in the future. I may have some to adopt out!


The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can't help it.
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Here is my first Selbu mitten on the needles:

I find this to be exciting knitting cuz you never know how it will look until you finish a row. Really keeps my interest up as I knit!

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