Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elven socks

I found the cutest pattern today:

Booties for babies and funky slippers for adults, these socks use short rows both in the heel and toe. They’re perfect for elves, jesters and genies..
And they are written for a bunch of sizes. It is a download from this woman's website. Really fun and $5.95 for an 8 page pattern. Seemed worth it to me! Aren't these funny. I told my son Brian I was going to knit him some (sort of teasingly) and he said, "Make sure you put leather bottoms on them so I can wear them around!" What a great idea.

There is also this hat that goes with the bootie. I didn't buy the pattern yet but I think I will go back and get that too.

Aren't these bunnies cute too?

I am going along quite well with my Selbu mitten but I had a thought about reversing the pattern for the other mitten. I am going to have to figure that out myself as I don't understand the Norwegian well enough to read what they say about that. I should be able to figure it out though if I just think it through and figure out where the thumb has to be.

Well I think I will sign off now-talk to you later,
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-- Galileo Galilei

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