Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rīga NATO Summit 2006

Did you ever see such a beautiful thing?
In November the Nato Summit meeting in Riga Latvia in order to welcome the guests at the summit presented a pair of unique, handmade Latvian ethnographic mittens to the members of NATO delegations and media representatives.

Around 300 knitters, even men, from all regions of Latvia are busy knitting 4500 pairs of mittens. Each of them will be made with unique traditional Latvian ornaments, originating from four Latvia’s geographical regions - Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Zemgale, some of them even being as old as ten centuries.
The knitters admit that the idea of NATO summit organizers has promoted revival of knitting traditions or as they call it “Renaissance of ethnographic ornaments”. Being symbolic to Latvia’s history they will show the guests the richness of Latvia’s culture and diversity of its ethnographic ornaments. Organizers also hope that the memories of our guests from Riga will be encrypted in the mittens."
Take a look at some of these mittens! It is so inspiring. I need to knit more beautiful mittens!

Oh and here are some pictures of Father Christmas:

This is a drawing done by J.R.R.Tolkien.

I didn't know that they had changed the date of my church ladies' Christmas party to Monday night. It is usually on a Tuesday but it was changed to Monday for some reason so I don't get to go to Madison Knitters' Guild after all. Someone will have to fill me in on the details of the meeting. Darn! Oh well, we exchange the Secret Pal gifts so that should be fun! Hope mine likes her gift. She isn't the easiest to please but I try!
Talk to you all later,
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