Monday, December 18, 2006

Finished Christmas Gift

I finished knitting a duckie for my sister for Christmas. She keeps live ducks and I thought she would get a bang out of a stuffed duck for her collection. It is knit with Baby Ull form that knitted toy book by Fiona McTague. Knitted Toys: 21 Easy-to-Knit Patterns for Irresistible Soft Toys That is the same book I got the basis of the knitted monkey out of that I knit this summer.

Anyhow here is my duckie:
I think he is very cute, if I do say so myself. I completely changed the legs and feet. The pattern had the common problem of being knit flat and all pieced together. Why? It is so much easier to knit in the round and then just stuff. Anyway I just basically made duckie socks instead of sewing all those pieces together! I put wires in the legs so they can be posed but I don't know how successful that was. And I used lentils in the wings to give them a good weight and drape.

He was fun to knit and I hope my sister enjoys him!

Did mostly housework and laundry today, including giving Ed a bath-well really a shower. He just came in the shower with me this morning and I scrubbed him up. He smells minty fresh and his fur is nice and white!

Here is a picture before bath:

Doesn't look very comfortable but he managed to get some rest-like two hours worth of nap this morning just after he had gotten up with me at 7 am.

Isn't he shiny? And sleeping again...
It's a dog's life!
Well, that is all from here for now, talk to you later,

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