Tuesday, March 27, 2007

French Word a Day

Le bercail / Home

le bercail (behr-kie ["kie" like "pie"]) noun, masculine

1. fold, sheepfold 2. home, the family fold

I just signed up for a new service. I already get a Quote a Day and a Review a Day from Powell's Bookstore and a Word a Day but now the newest thing coming into my mailbox is the French Word a Day! The woman who does this has a wonderful website too. Make sure to take a look! I have what I call crossword puzzle French-I understand a little French, often more than my son, Brian who has taken 3 years of French. I guess they are not learning the phrases I have picked up in reading over the years!

I am moving into spring cleaning mode. I have been reading all these wonderful blogs about housekeeping. Not just cleaning but making one's home a haven from outside stresses. I am inspired to clean and organize. I even cleaned off my dining room table as I felt it was time to take the snowflake table cloth off! Time for a nice linen cloth I think! I took the first of I figure 5 wheelbarrows full of muck out of the chicken coop this morning. This is mostly a putsy job but the coop certainly needs it's spring cleaning too. And I bought some TSP to scrub down my back hall in preparation to painting it. And I am going to paint my back door and make some curtains. Amazing what a little blog reading can start. Oh and I will have to shop for a bright, cheery fabric for the curtains! This is going to be fun-apart from a little scrubbing!

No pictures of cleaning or mucking out chicken coops-

How about a picture of a cool pop up card that Patrick brought back from Japan:

Back to work,

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TM said...

maybe you should send me some links to those cleaning?sprucing up blogs, I need some inspiration in that area. I have been cooking a little bit,,,,,,,,,,does that count? TM