Friday, May 25, 2007

Small Pleasantnesses

I was just reading yarnstorm's blog and she cheered me up immensely! She talks about the little pleasures of life that make life good. And she posed the question, "What are your small pleasantnesses?" Well, I think that a question like this is just what I need to get out of the "low downs" that I have been feeling lately.
So, here goes:
Some of my small pleasantnesses include the first cup of coffee in the morning (often consumed with a little white dog in my lap), an impromptu canary serenade, a really good book-that you just can't put down, beautiful fabric or yarn that calls me to make something, a good belly laugh with my husband or a friend, a cup of really nice tea and a homemade scone, good music-a song I can sing along to-right now I am listening to Glenn Miller playing When You Wish Upon a Star on Pandora Radio, the Sunday New York Times, nonpariels or jordan almonds from The End of The Trail Candy Shop, a cool evening after a rain, a baby in a handknit baby sweater.

Can you think of any small pleasantnesses? Help me by sharing a few, OK?


TM said...

Reading your "small pleasntnesses" make me feel as if you are right here next to me......well done! I will make my list tonight....... I hope you are feeling better soon,,Michele

Lynda said...

Oh thank you Michele...I knew you would help me out of the doldrums! I don't know how I would get by without friends like you 8>))

TM said...

here's my list. I posted it on my blog, but I wanted to thank you feels good to make such a list!my small pleasantnesses

cool summer evenings without mosquitoes

strong coffee with milk

getting the mail

the curl in Emili's hair

casting on the correct number of stitches without counting

hearing the high school marching band practicing while I am hanging laundry outside

rummage sales

Ghen singing in the bathroom

Diet Coke

bare feet

my father's stories

Dave filling my car with gas, without me knowing or asking

seeing a neighbor walk her dachshund past my house daily

Clay's white teeth

Terri and Lynda walking into my shop

Lynda said...

You bring tears to my eyes, Michele! It really is good to think of the little pleasures isn't it? And your last pleasantness warms my heart,
Love you!