Friday, May 25, 2007

Was Stitches Midwest, Now Midwest Felting Symposium

I was going to consider Stitches as another summer knitting venue but imagine my surprise to find it essentially sold out four months ahead of the classes! I AM surprised! Did I already say that? I mean it is XRX and all! And while I have not enjoyed the magazine Knitters for a long time, they do put on a good show, at least from the student's point of view. They aren't so nice to vendors, in my experience. But that is another post, another time. I had planned on riding the bus from Loose Ends Yarn Shop and taking an afternoon class. A half day class is $85 and if you are careful who you take classes with, I guess it is worth it to meet national caliber teachers. I have had some very good classes, but not this year!

So instead I will talk about the Midwest Felting Symposium. Held in Madison, Wisconsin at the Alliant Center July 25-29, 2007. The classes vary from creating garments to sculpting figures. Check out this fellow from the class taught by Bobbi Ripperger from Elmhurst, Illinois. Isn't he wonderful? Bobbie Ripperger has been a teddy bear artist for 17 years, creating original heirloom quality miniature bears from the finest of materials such as mohair, alpaca, and wool fiber.

Also featured from Hungary, Judit Pocs, a young woman who has been showing her fantasy pieces at museums in Europe. She has created large creatures for stage productions as well. Judit will be teaching FOUR classes. Can't wait to meet her-she seems fascinating!
She hand dyes all the wool she uses in her felting.

Our friend Janet Rehfeldt will be teaching a fun felting and fulling class for knitters and crocheters. Janet is an excellent teacher and I always try to take the classes she offers!

It is clear that Susan's Fiber Shop has gone all out this year for the symposium. Every evening she will be offering get togethers including food and presentations about felting, including one VERY interesting talk about how to photograph your work. I know I struggle with that all the time when I try to put photos of my things on the blog. Sounds like a must on Saturday evening!
Plus I think you will find that the people that go to Susan's events are just the most wonderful, interesting, real people you are ever gonna find! No snooty "artistic" types-just wonderful women and men with a real interest in making beautiful things!
I have been kind of low lately-I think it has to do with pain. My knee is getting better but it has hurt for a long time so it seems. I just don't have the joi de vivre that I would like to feel at this time of the year. Everything bursting back into life and I feel just blah. I guess I will go try to sew for awhile and see if it doesn't help me "get happy". I sure need something-maybe just a kick in the pants...
I am not young enough to know everything.
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