Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wisconsin Spin In & Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

The Wisconsin Spin In is being held in West Bend Wisconsin October 12, 13, & 14, 2007. This is a list of the workshops being offered. I am not sure how extensive these workshops will be. I noticed that they aren't being called "classes" so I don't know how much you will be taught. So far the website has no class descriptions, just a list of classes. There will be a catalogue apparently, as there is a deadline for submitting advertising. The teachers are mostly pretty local but that can a good time too.

The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is being held September 7, 8 & 9, 2007. I am not sure they are sending out a catalogue so if you are interested I think you need to look at the website. I took a really good class last year with Beth Brown-Reinsel about Scandinavian knitting. But, and this is a big but, The venue is not is a fair grounds and the classes are all held in one room partitioned off with curtains. This is Wisconsin and September can be dreadfully hot or nasty cold. Last year it was cold and damp in the class area. There also was a problem in a class across from mine. A young woman had brought her baby to the class (on charting lace, no less), and the baby was fussy the whole time. It bothered me across the way, so I can imagine how it was for those taking the class. This year two classes are being offered that I would like to take. Wish I knew what the class area would be like ahead of paying my money.

Vanessa Kessler - Instructor 3 Hours

In this class the student will use pre-dyed scarves and explore enhancing them
through foils, paint sticks, fusible Angelina, etc. Fall motifs will be used to make
your own unique scarf. Students will go home with a designer scarf of their very
***********Sounds really neat!
Galina Khmeleva - Instructor 4 Hours

Mouseprint, cat’s paw, honeycomb - these are but
three of the ten basic elements that form the basis of Orenburg’s knitted lace,
combinations of which result in the near-mystical pattern designs that evolve
into Orenburg shawls and scarves. In this class, Galina will introduce students
to the basic elements, border and corner preparation, grafting method(s)…all
in preparation to render each student capable of knitting their own heirloom

********************I Love Galina! Would love to take this class!

There are more things going on around here this summer and fall-I'll talk about some more next time!

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